Our Clients in Riyadh:

You have the right to request the waiting of the representative as a note upon request for a period of not more than ten minutes to test the products, if you do not agree with your satisfaction, you can change them or return them immediately with the delegate. (This always requires payment of the delivery value)

In the event that the client exceeds the required period, the delegate is entitled to leave due to his commitment to certain schedules and their disruption causing damage to our other customers.

Our clients in the rest of the Kingdom:

You may request to be replaced or returned within 48 hours of the order delivery time, by:

Customer Service via Watsp: +966554341294

Or fill out a form to return the request.

We will contact you and provide you with a shipping policy that will be delivered with the product to the nearest SMSA office. Once we receive the products in their original condition, we will immediately replace or refund the value paid by bank transfer after deducting the shipping price (25 Riyals).